About Us

Delicados, Incorporated was organized in June 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia with Geraldine Dodson Randle* as the Founder. Delicados Founders The Founder and Founding Members: Barbara Green Bess, Evelyn White Brissette, Vivian Brown West and Juanita Newsome Whitehurst decided to name the club the “Sophistocats.”

In keeping with the original goals of the organization and the need for expansion, the name “Sophistocats” was changed to “Delicado Social and Civic Club” in 1952.

In April 1960, the organization was incorporated as the Delicados, Incorporated with the following charter members:

  • Vivian Brown West
  • Iris Hemmings Davis
  • Beryl Hodges Roberts
  • Evelyn Hyman*
  • Lois Carter
  • Barbara Green Best
  • Joan Belardo Parson
  • Delores Ford Futrell*
  • Rose Butler Heath*
  • Delores Ricks
  • Juanita Newsom*
  • Helen Rollins Whiting Robinson
  • Margaret Buck Saunders
  • Anne Howard Fairclough Jones
  • Mary Cooper Green Wyche*
  • Evelyn White Brissette

* Deceased